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Contemporary art paintings by Petro Romanchuk at Uagallery.com.ua

Contemporary Art paintings by Petro Romanchuk at Uagallery.com.ua

Artist’s biography

Petro Romanchuk was born on October 1st, 1975 in Lviv, Ukraine. In 1996 he graduated from Lviv National College of Decorative and Applied Arts named after I.Trush, department of art painting. In 2002 he graduated from the Lviv Academy of Arts, department of art glass.

He developed a unique technique of writing oil paintings on canvas. In its originality author's technique practically has no equal, at least among Ukrainian artists.

He works primarily with large formats: 40x40 inches, 51x51-inch, 31x47-inch , 47x74-inch.

The artist has a lot of personal exhibitions, as well as participation in many Ukrainian and foreign exhibitions.

Artist’s technique

During many years the artist was searching for a unique technique of writing his patterns. Studying in the Lviv Academy of Arts (department of art glass) has given a great influence on the choice of technique.

Drips of paint on canvas, the spreading of the paint, organic fusion of different colors - it's a trace of long-term work with glass. Despite the simplicity of the plot, the artist paints his pictures not with the usual lines and strokes, but braids the plot into a thick, embossed, polychrome grid of vertical and horizontal lines.

It stands in the foreground and displays its plastic, it obeys its own inner rhythmic structure and the dynamics of movement. It seems there is a special creation of agressive barrier to the perception of the image, its visual destruction and corrosion.

In some cases, the artist leaves the images and works with abstract forms. Merging and spreading of different colors on the canvas, fragmental overlaying of paint has such a clearly expressed illusive depth, that all this "lace lines" penetrate into the structure of the picturesque paintings and show clear tendency to the widening.

Artist's statement

"In today's rational world of digital technology, it seems that everything is possible to calculate, write formulas and wrap "by matrices", where a large mass of numbers moves, merging into the line-vectors and continuously analyzing the surrounding three-dimensional space. Their invisible network-wide web increasingly pervades the living space in which we exist, constantly reaching the the farthest corners of the world, and it affects our mind, behavior and way of perceiving the world. Digital "fever" tries to rationalize the wildlife, to penetrate into its originally endless diversity which is impossible to calculate and cover with dry laws of mathematics.

I'm trying to portray on canvas this growing conflict between the artificially created machine, computer, and the living world. For many years I have been searching for my unique and interesting technique of oil painting, and studying in Lviv Academy of Arts has determined my choice of technique. I like to create a barrier to the the image perception, thus "tighten" the viewer to review painting and solve the puzzle”.

Expert opinion

"Looking at works of the author, the audience is captured by unexpected illusive effect. Due to the use of original methods of execution, Petro Romanchuk's paintings gain new, absolutely surprising, plastic effects. Their final act depends directly on our own emotional reaction, the range of associations that we have created. We constantly admire unexpected breaks of colors, mentally, "restoring" the image, add it to the viewed fragments, trying to look at what can not be seen before the end, and trying to reach a depth that is impossible to reach. “

Orest Golubets - Professor, Doctor of Art Studies, Lviv Academy of Arts

Tel.: +38(067)672.32.75

Email: artinformlviv@ukr.net


Personal exhibitions

2011 Gallery "Dziga", Lviv, a collection "Parallel reality"

2010 "Depo't center", Chernivtsi, a collection "Ephemerality \ Superficiality”

2010 Gallery "Soiart", Kiev, a collection "Ephemerality \ Superficiality"

2009 Gallery "LvovArt", Lviv, a collection 'Dreams...Journey to illusion”

2009 Art-Salon "Bon Ton", Lviv;

2007 Gallery "Dziga", Lviv, a collection "color expressions";

Participation in international exhibitions

2009 "Galéria Andrej Smolák", Snina, Slovakia;

2009 Triennale "Silver Square", Przemysl, Poland;

2007 IV Biennial of Art in Europe. Ravitz, Poland;

2006 Triennale "Silver Square", Przemysl, Poland

Participation in Ukrainian exhibitions

2009 "Fineart Ukraine 09", Ukrainian House, Kiev;

2009 "Sections & parallels", the Palace of Arts, Lviv;

2009 "Landscape 2009", Palace of Arts, Lviv;

2008 International Planner "Carpathian bending." Coruna, Carpathians;

2008 "Art-Kyiv", Ukrainian House, Kyiv;

2008 "Geometry" Gallery "Dziga", Lviv;

2007 "The Mask", Gallery "Dziga", Lviv

2006 "Rainbow", gallery "Green sofa", Lviv;

1998,2001 4th&5th International Symposium of glass, Lviv.

Please, see paintings of this Artist on the link below http://www.uagallery.com.ua/catalogs/index/petro_romanchuk

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